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News article17 January 2021

A space to educate and start a conversation

The Architekturschaufenster in Karlsruhe, Germany is a show room of architecture-related topics. With a great window towards the streets of the city center it invites everyone to take a look, enter for free and participate in the conversation.

architecture showcase
Stella-Zoë Schmidtler

The Architekturschaufenster e.V. (ASF) is "a show room for Baukultur” in the city center of Karlsruhe which offers events to empower the awareness of quality in the build environment of architecture, art and design. The society was founded in March 2007 and presents since then a diverse program about the different aspects of Baukultur to a growing audience. It’s characterized by close collaboration with local universities (e.g. HFG and KIT), museums (e.g.: ZKM), companies, organisations, the German Chamber of Architects and regional authorities. It organizes events, freely open to public like expositions, lectures and dialogues on interdisciplinary topics to convey the values of Baukultur to both experts and non-experts.

Space for interfaces 
The ASF is a space of several disciplines. The management board consists of architects, urbanists, interior architects and landscape architects which contribute their specific know-how and their interest to the program. The self-imposed mission is not limited by the building and planning disciplines but observes the shared interface to design and art.  

Space for input to the local discussion 
The ASF relates its activities to actual local construction issues. It presents the technical input and opens the discussion to a wide public. The events focus on a constructive exchange of all participating parties to find co-designed solutions. In this sense the ASF also stands for the professional discussion with the urban policy and the administration department with an independent point of view. 

Space for good examples and ongoing topics 
Good examples and models are the key elements for the sensitization for Baukultur. For non-experts, the local reference and the recognition of buildings bring a big attraction to to get in touch with different aspects of Baukultur. Therefore, the ASF tries not only exhibits the local events and developments but broadens the view beyond one’s own nose – always with consciousness on current topics like sustainability, mobility or the demographic change. 

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Publication date
17 January 2021