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New European Bauhaus


A place that looks at the traces of the past to inspire the gestures of tomorrow.

© European Union, 2021

A place that looks at the traces of the past to inspire the gestures of tomorrow.

REMNANT was born with this statement in mind. The project is an adaptive reuse concept developed in the spirit of inclusivity and circularity.

Set in a historically context, within Castellazzo Degli Arconati in Bollate, Italy, the project is characterised by surgical architectural interventions to create a creative hub.

The project is part of the finalists of the 2021 New European Bauhaus rising star prizes in "Buildings renovated in a spirit of circularity."

The building's historical and architectural testimonies become the protagonists in a transformation process guided by sustainable ideals, respect for the architecture's cultural heritage, and social inclusion.

In complete connection with the surrounding community, the renovated building features many functional and accessible spaces that satisfy the demands of creative workers without imposing hierarchies – health, equality, and openness are prioritised.

REMNANT's core idea is to build tension between old and new. The site’s first examination revealed lack of lighting, instability of structural parts, and a narrow vestibule for entrance, prompting the designers to devise an intervention plan.

Based on a process of subtraction, exposure, and addition, the project has guided its developers in creating a building that is as versatile and respectful of the existing site.

The functional activation process of the Meridiana was developed in conjunction with an aesthetic characterization linked to the building’s redevelopment both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

'Meridiana' means "sundial" in Italian, and notions such as light and time are ingrained in the stylistic and aesthetic choices of the spaces.
REMNANT seeks to maximise accessibility by tackling physical impairments to activate and open the spaces to various users.

By fostering social inclusion and collaboration, the project creates a hybrid workplace and community with active interactions between the different functions.

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