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New European Bauhaus


What if one could make furniture from discarded personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks? 

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What if one could make furniture from discarded personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks? 

That is the core basis of Loop, a project based in Gdansk, Poland.

The concept is part of the applications submitted to the 2021 New European Bauhaus award prizes in the "Products and lifestyle" category.

Loop develops and produces modular furniture out of waste and repurposed materials. 

Since the pandemic outbreak, the Polish initiative has been reusing discarded face masks and the waste generated during their manufacture.

Their furniture serves as a seat and a table, with a cushion placed on the floor. One design feature is that all goods are foldable and may be conveniently flat-packed for easy storage and long-term distribution. And it assembled in a matter of seconds.

Loop repurposes recycled materials such as High-Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE), used in packaging, and industrial waste such as discarded plywood from furniture manufacturing. 

Nonetheless, in the last two years, large personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves, and garments have been the main component of Loop's furniture manufacture. Despite the fact that hundreds of millions of single-use facemasks are discarded every day, an inventive and alternative solution to this environmental and health problem needs to be established.

As a result, Loop began filling their furniture cushions with factory mask offcuts.

After appropriate preparation, cleaning, and processing, mask scraps are valuable and attractive materials. Furniture from the Loop series is small and well suited for small living spaces. 

The project promotes sustainability, circularity, and inclusion by reusing waste items that aren't traditionally appreciated.

In addition, Loop's community engagement generates new avenues for reusing waste resources, resulting in a chain of people participating in the spirit of the circular economy.

For Loop, participation of the local community is also a critical aspect in establishing waste collection locations. 

It can be informative and engaging to sort waste and learn about its actual value and potential.

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