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New European Bauhaus

Esseri Urbani

Art is no longer in museums, but where people live.

Esseri Urbani © European Union
Esseri Urbani
© European Union, 2021

Art is no longer in museums, but where people live. ?♻?

Such a striking remark stands at the heart of ESSERI URBANI’s conception.

The initiative from Puglia, Italy, won the 2021 New European Bauhaus prize in the category of "Mobilisation of culture, arts & communities."

They employ modern art to promote urban & social renewal.

During free outdoor displays, the project exposes the public to the work of emerging artists. These interventions feature additional multimedia content that can also be accessed by scanning QR codes ?

When placed in a dynamic context, such as an urban space, the art transforms into a place of interaction. 

Each event is tailored to local specificities and intended to develop access to culture, sustainable tourism & employment.

From this mix, an open-air exhibition is born: works of art interact with spaces & architecture to sketch new maps and present new viewpoints.

Moreover, by using WhatsApp, visitors come across micro-exhibition circuits that offer the opportunity to visit historic buildings ?, cloisters and the shops of traders & artisans.

The global language of art invites visitors to linger on the experience of odors, sounds, colors, and subtleties, both historical & sociological, that would otherwise be unnoticeable.

Core elements:
?️Involving social & economic players
?️Transforming the environmental & cultural heritage into autonomous, self-propulsive, sustainable growth
?️Engaging everyone, from young people to disabled visitors
?️Establishing a multicultural exchange for the territory

Because of its geographical location, the initiative's purpose is to play with Puglia's tangible and intangible history, devising a strategy for protecting and developing a land that is unique and identifiable in Europe & the world.

It offers an opportunity to use modern artistic expression to connect communities, landscapes & local buildings. It also expands the possibilities for curating & creation: showing art in public areas generates new perspectives on the work and the venue.

Put it simply: The project develops along with the territory and for the territory ?

?© European Union

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