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New European Bauhaus
Artistic leader at NXT and site responsible at DESIRE

Madeleine Kate McGOWAN

Madeleine Kate McGowan


Madeleine Kate McGowan is a Danish/Irish artist and speculative designer, with a specific focus on the cultural aspects of the climate crisis. Since 2010 she has been establishing and inspiring artistic communities, striving to open reflection on that which we take for granted, and nurture habitability through the arts, interdisciplinary projects, and speculative spaces. McGowan is artistic leader at NXT, currently responsible for one of the New European Bauhaus sites, with The Garden Caretaker project in Herlev, Denmark. McGowan has presented original work at ARoS, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Performance Studies International, British Film Institute, Yale and Metropolis. Her current work, Solastalgia, is a three week long choir-piece set in a natural landscape, produced by Sort/Hvid theater in Copenhagen. 


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