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New European Bauhaus
12 April 15:55 - Park Stage - Concert




NGO Promote Ukraine, a Brussels-based platform for expertise and civil society initiatives for Ukraine and the EU, proudly presents the young talents of Ukrainian musical scene: Mivada and Roman Khodzynskyi.

Mivada is a singer from Odesa. She is a 4th year student at the Pedagogical University, majoring in choreography and music. She writes her own music as well as performing covers, is fond of sound engineering, and enjoys playing the piano, guitar, and drums. Creating music for Mivada is a something special that changes the atmosphere and mood, and her dream is to be able to do this and share her emotions.

Roman will join Mivada on stage for this performance. From the first time hearing a live drum performance, music became a part of his identity. From technical work as a sound engineer, to playing various instruments and participating in various musical and theatre shows, music gave him a vide understanding of different cultures and mentalities, which contributed to open-mindedness, creativity and ability to adapt.