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New European Bauhaus
11 April 17:30 - Grand Narthex - Fashion Show

Madeleine DE MEY (BE)

Madeleine de Mey

Material :

  • Top : Knitted french Mérinos d’Arles, leather cord
  • Skirt : Fabrics from deadstocks sources

This outfit is part of the POLYGON collection which puts the spotlight back on craftsmanship and beautiful materials. POLYGON is a concept inspired by various architectural techniques and shapes, and represents a more sustainable way of creating garments. 

The designs are based on a modular pattern, with the goal of optimizing the use of materials and reducing waste. 

All the garments in the collection have been created from 10 patterns: 10 polygonal-shaped modules. The result is zero-waste cutting layout. 

This skirt uses an ancestral savoir-faire of pleating. Shaped in this way, the fabric takes on volume, creating relief and a play of light.