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New European Bauhaus
10 -13 April 12:00 - 18:00 - The Terrace - Workshop

JugendBlitz! Solarpunk Escape Game (IT/UK)

Escape Game - Workshop


JugendBlitz! Solarpunk Emergency Service is an interactive game centered around the theme of efficient use of resources in urban environments and on the transformation of the city from a place of consumption and exploitation to a place that generates and shares resources in a sustainable and equitable way. 

JugendBlitz! Wants to capture the attention and the imagination of passersby through a playful and colorful framing, but at the same time give them the instruments and space to reflect on the necessity of a radical transformation in urban forms and urban life and of the re-commoning of urban spaces to serve the community. 
The game is centered around an urgent message from the future: a group of scientists has managed to create a mysterious machine, which allows the people of the present to see Bruxelles’ dystopian future. But fear not! With the help of the players, the scientists will be able to steer the course of events and turn dystopia into utopia. 

After this initial "call to arms", participants, aided by the facilitators (the scientists), will engage in a set of activities, both digital and analogue, including puzzles, simple tile placement games and creative moments, aimed at transforming different aspects of resource and space use in the city. 
Once they have solved all the mini-games, participants will have the chance to return at the starting station and see what a truly sustainable city would look like. There they will collect a participation token and an info-pack with good practices and further learning. 

The idea of this project was conceived and developed during the course of Transmedia within the Bachelor Degree in Cinema and Media Engineering at the Politecnico di Torino university, under the supervision of Prof D. Morreale, the members of Commando Jugendstil and the team of Solarpunk Italia.  


See Vimeo video