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New European Bauhaus
11 April 17:30 - Grand Narthex - Fashion Show


FEST : Fashion Show _Flora RABITTI

Material : Deadstock viscose satin

A graphic novel, self produced by the designer, inspires the textile manipulation of the deconstructed menswear suit in this look. A strong brand identity, combined with a respect for craftsmanship traditions, serves as the driving force behind crafting new and compelling visions and giving life back to discarded materials.

Florania was founded upon the recognition of the significant quantities of materials and clothing found in our closets and archives. The founder recognized an opportunity to transform this abundance into a new narrative, representing a niche that values craftsmanship, innovation, circularity, and design.

The Florania’s Milan studio pioneers discarded fabric experimentation for collections produced in collaboration with Social Ateliers. The main partner is ‘Drittofilo’. These skilled individuals teach people facing difficult social situations the art of sewing, providing them with a new future and employment.