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New European Bauhaus
10 -13 April 12:00 -18:00 - Glasshouse - Workshop

Benefits of bio-photovoltaic energy (ES)

Benefits of bio-photovoltaic energy - Workshop


This installation merges sustainability with innovation, serving as a dynamic platform for education on climate awareness, recycling, and the life cycles of materials within the city's heart. It's more than a project; it's a hands-on workshop open to all ages, inviting the community to dive into bio-photovoltaic technology and play a part in creating a larger art installation. 

Participants will explore the transformative power of gardens that do more than beautify; they harness the energy from soil decomposition to power LEDs, illuminating the installation after dark. This interactive experience not only highlights the promise of sustainable energy but also the beautiful synergy between nature and technology. 

The workshop will guide attendees through integrating vegetation into urban spaces in an eco-friendly manner, using organic and recycled materials. This approach ensures the project remains aesthetically pleasing while championing environmental values. 

At the core of the installation are the bio-photovoltaic cells, which participants will learn to assemble and manage. These cells, designed to light up the night in a sustainable manner, symbolize the project's goal: to illuminate the potential of renewable energy in our daily lives. 

The workshop and installation invite the community to rethink their relationship with energy and the environment by offering a sanctuary by day and a beacon of innovation by night. It's an opportunity for participants of all ages to contribute to a sustainable future, fostering a narrative of interconnectedness and shared responsibility for our planet.