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New European Bauhaus
Prioritising the places and people that need it the most

The sound of sails project



THE SOUND OF SAILS is a major international artistic tour on European rivers on board of a specific art boat produced by SYSTEMIC in France. 

This concept, written and driven by the renowned beatmaker Beat Matazz, combines live electronic music with a classical quartet and hip-hop/contemporary dance on and around the Beat Boat, a stage boat that serves as both a refuge for travelling and a source of sound. 

The first tour will take place in summer 2025 on the Loire, last european wild river, then on the Seine in Paris and the on the Spree in Berlin and the Amstel in Amsterdam.

The show uses poetic images to explore the link, tension and harmony between humans and non-humans, and ends with the audience performing a ritual with the river bringing an evening in connection with the elements. This new way of touring shows new ways to slow down, be sustainable and make poetry happen where it is not expected.