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News article12 March 2021

An upcycled old city bus turned into a mobile youth centre

We are interested in creative solutions and inclusive ways of living that respect our environment.

Ljuba In Drago
Ljuba In Drago
Ljuba In Drago

Now that's creativity!

This is an example from Ljubljana that Ksenja Perko shared through our website.

It all started with a trigger question: What to do with the out-of-service public transport buses in Ljubljana? Could they have a second life?

The members of "Young Dragons", a public network of district youth centres, were intrigued. Their curiosity and desire to change things for the better pushed them to take up the challenge.

Their idea: transforming one of the buses into a mobile youth centre.

They established a partner network with the City of Ljubljana, Ljubljana's Public Transport Company, creative and youth organisations.

They designed a participative, multidisciplinary, creative process ran as a mentorship programme for young people.

Youth from 18 to 29 years old were invited to participate in one or more working groups that dealt with different parts of the transformation process:

  • Programme
  • Design and Architecture
  • DIY Workshops
  • Communications

Following a sustainable approach, they used recycled and reused materials for the project. They also included a green roof that acts as cooling for the bus.

What made the project a success?

They focused on the values of trust and mutual support and the principles of co-decision. They were all committed to a common goal: repurposing a resource at the end of its life to create an inviting space that would benefit young people. Win-win!

How can we make our living spaces more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive?

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? Ljuba in Drago / © Ksenja Perko


Publication date
12 March 2021