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News article18 February 2021

Multidisciplinary education for a sustainable and inclusive future

We are interested in the role of education in improving our ways of living.

Open Design School
Shot from the 2019 "Bag from banner recovery" workshop, ODS
Open Design School

Multidisciplinary education is key to an environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive future.​

Rita Orlando submitted the example of the 'Open Design School' through our website.

She introduced it as an experimental and multidisciplinary design lab born at the service of Matera in Italy, the 2019 European capital of culture.

It has brought together authors, bloggers, designers, craftsmen, hackers, students, professionals, and academics of all ages, creating the first design school in Europe based on Open Culture principles. ​From all over Europe, creatives across disciplines work together to develop and implement different projects by involving citizens in a continuous learning process. ​

The School is based on peer-to-peer exchanges of knowledge and experience that result in a fruitful contamination between art, science, and technology.

Following a learning by doing approach, anyone can participate, and there is free circulation of ideas. Design is central to the School as an essential tool for dealing with complexity, providing multiple solutions, and allowing for flexibility and inclusivity. ​

What do you think is education's role in building a better tomorrow? Do you have an example worth sharing?​

Go to Co-design and share it!

? Shot from the 2019 "Bag from banner recovery" workshop / © Open Design School


Publication date
18 February 2021