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News article27 April 2021

Including children in designing and building our future living spaces

We are interested in designing the future of the places where we live in more inclusive ways.

Keliaujančios dirbtuvės

Children are the future. How can we not include them in designing and building our future living spaces?

"Architektūros fondas" shared through our website the example of "Keliaujančios architektūros dirbtuvės", which means "Travelling architecture workshop".

They explained that the project takes place during the summer break and includes organising 5-day workshops in 7 small towns of Lithuania.

The initiative aims to encourage children (0-13 y.o.) and young people (14-18 y.o.) to create their own environment, make communal activities more dynamic, and strengthen the public spirit. They focus on children and youth not only because they are the most receptive part of the community but also because their voice is not always heard, especially in rural areas.

With their projects, they show that taking care of our living spaces can be an enjoyable, playful and engaging activity and can be done without investing a lot in material or human resources.

During the workshops, they implement projects of lasting value in public spaces hoping that they can inspire their town and community to support and promote the continuity of the project.

Workshop participants research their environment, create new spaces, renew existing ones, and work on small architecture objects for themselves and their community.

The "Keliaujančios architektūros dirbtuvės" initiative aims to enhance young people's understanding of their living environment, encourage creativity and foster a sense of personal responsibility. They promote encounters between different age or social status groups around the common goal of creating high-quality, functional, and aesthetic public spaces. They consider the processes they follow as important as their end result.

What do you think?

How can we make our communities & the places where we live more beautiful, sustainable & inclusive for everyone? Share your vision!

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? Workshop in Salak / © Keliaujančios dirbtuvės


Publication date
27 April 2021