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New European Bauhaus

The Station of being

Create a smart and environmentally friendly bus stop of the future.

Station of being
Station of being
© European Union, 2021


Create a smart and environmentally friendly bus stop of the future.

That's the primary purpose of the Station of Being, a climate-smart bus stop in Umeå. Sweden.

The proposal is part of the applications submitted to the 2021 New European Bauhaus award prizes in the "Buildings renovated in a spirit of circularity" category.

The Station of Being encourages people to use public transportation by transforming a bus stop into a more welcome, safe, and less stressful atmosphere for the traveler. 

The bus stop was designed to serve the fully electrical bus fleet in the Smart City of Umeå in Sweden. But, more importantly, it was meant to alleviate the waiting circumstances for passengers using public transportation in the region's cold weather conditions in collaboration with locals, particularly young students.

It has a "smart roof" with lighting and audio to generate different atmospheres depending on the incoming bus. So instead of always keeping a lookout, the lights and noises notify passengers of oncoming buses, allowing them to relax and shelter from the wind while waiting. 

The Station of Being looks out for the bus for users – so that travellers can have time for just being, to 'free the mind.' Since the introduction of these unique bus stops, the usage of electric buses has increased by 40%.

The design approach began with extensive field research, including observations and interactions with passengers. As a result, the design found that people often preferred to stand or lean rather than sit while waiting for a bus in the cold and snowy conditions.

The rotating pods are designed to protect the passengers from the wind and provide privacy if needed. The pods, which resemble rugged wooden jackets, enable passengers to lean in comfortably. They're built of locally grown wood, rotate automatically to cover travelers from the elements without requiring any electricity, and allow them to communicate by establishing social spaces.

According to the studio, the stop uses the same energy as a regular one. Although Station of Being was created for the cold northern weather, it can be adapted to various climates and locations.

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