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New European Bauhaus

Balance board S2020

Movement is freedom. Freedom is balance. Balance is life.

Balance board S2020 © European Union
Balance board S2020
© European Union, 2021

Movement is freedom. Freedom is balance. Balance is life. 

Balance board S2020 was built with this philosophy in mind.

Designed in Riga, Latvia, the concept is one of many submitted to the 2021 New European Bauhaus award prizes in the "Products and lifestyle" category.

S2020 is a multipurpose tool for a movement that promotes personal development regardless of the consumer's physical condition. Specially designed for both gyms and home environs and workplaces are intended to promote users' health and well-being, whether they are athletes, individuals working from home, or patients. 

With inclusivity in mind, the board is appropriate for both youngsters and the elderly. It caters to physically active people, and clients are given a variety of movement-related therapies such as physiology and arts.

In Latvia, the board is currently being used as a dance and movement tool in working with children in the hospital's hemato-oncology department.

Nordi, the studio behind S2020, creates the boards out of solid wood bent with traditional woodworking techniques or plywood. The remaining components utilized in their creations are fully sustainable and derived from renewable resources, such as water-based varnishes and natural waxes. 

The product's packaging and the product itself are appropriate for further processing and are not harmful to the environment once discarded.

Nordi ensures that their product is made from solid wood, reducing wood consumption and eliminating waste throughout the manufacturing process.

Rounding radii are chosen based on the board's function and convenience of usage. The end rounds are mild on the hands and the floor, while the side rounds help avoid potential swinging injuries. As a result, the S2020 resembles the silhouette of a traditional wooden boat.

The ultimate goal of S2020 is to get people moving, pique their interest in exercise, and motivate them to live a healthy lifestyle.

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