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New European Bauhaus
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Become a Friend

The New European Bauhaus supports a movement of sustainable communities, inclusive dialogues, and purposeful activities. The role of friends is to support these communities and act as sounding boards and key interlocutors for the initiative.

This call for Friends invites companies and public actors (regions, villages & cities), to be involved more directly in the New European Bauhaus. The Friends will join the initiative's existing community of more than 500 official partnersHigh-Level Roundtable membersContact Points of the national governmentswinners and finalists of the prizes, and beneficiaries of New European Bauhaus calls.

Who can apply to become a Friend?

Any for-profit organisation or public authority can become a Friend of the New European Bauhaus. Non-profit and non-political organisations can instead apply as Partners here.

Friends represent a resource for the Community. They are willing to provide some form of support to the projects. They may offer their catalogue of solutions to advance the initiative.

Friends may contribute to Commission-led or Community-led projects under invitation. Friends can also recommend projects to partners and support them in several ways, for example by implementing projects in a region. 

Friends subscribe and pledge to respond to strict environmental and social responsibilities. They promote the core values of the European Union: human rights, freedom, democracy, equality, and rule of law. Finally, they support the priorities of the European Union.

Cities, Regions and Businesses are ideal candidates.

What will Friends do?

Friends offer support to several types of activities, for example:

  • by discussing how diverse professions and disciplines can interpret and enrich the initiative, i.e., by organising trans-disciplinary conversations, meetings, conferences;
  • by identifying projects and practices that follow the New European Bauhaus principles, and by sharing them with the public;
  • by co-creating with citizens and institutions beautiful, sustainable, inclusive living experiences;
  • by offering to host or sponsor NEBLab projects.

Please note that the Friends’ commitment is not subject to financial support.

How to become Friend

Candidates apply through an online process, which collects information in four steps.

1. Start

In the initial part of the application, candidates confirm their commitment to the initiative.

2. Your organisation

In the second step, candidates introduce the mission, values, experience, and goals of the organisation. This helps to map the organisation to ease the matchmaking process with the Partners.

3. Motivation

This step collects information on what motivates the organisation to join the initiative.

4. Candidate for host or sponsor

In this section, applicants express their interest to become a host or a sponsor. It is an opportunity to find synergies and establish long lasting partnerships.

5. Public information

The logo and commitment of a Friend, plus basic information about the entity are public on the official website of the New European Bauhaus. A dedicated platform, open to all members of the New European Bauhaus community, provides more details on the organisation.

How are Friends selected?

The call for Friends of the New European Bauhaus is permanently open. Organisation become Friends based on their declaration and commitment to support the initiative.

What do Friends receive in return?

They are featured on the official website of the New European Bauhaus.

Their activities, when relevant, appear on the official page with events and sometimes receive additional exposure on the initiative's Instagram account.

Friends get access to a wide set of information and working sessions hosted and facilitated by the European Commission.

The Commission also facilitates online and offline interactions.

Friends have access to a dedicated online platform hosted and maintained by the Commission. The platform supports networking, community building and knowledge sharing.