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New European Bauhaus
News article24 June 20211 min read

A manifesto for the transition towards locally productive and connected cities

We are interested in sustainable forms of living that contribute to more resilient communities.


How locally productive is your city?

Urban agglomerations consume a large share of resources but are dependent on global flows of raw materials, products, and energy.

Through our website, we received information about the FabCity initiative.

Fab city concepts aim to use digitization to turn cities into production sites for their own needs. The goal of the global fab-city initiative is the transition to a data-based circular economy on the territory of a city or region.

They believe sustainability and livability depend on collective action and co-designed solutions which benefit the planet and the future of humanity. They manifest their values and vision as a community of practice through ten guiding principles, "The Fab City Manifesto".

From the local to the global, they work across multiple layers of practice and deployment, scaling the FabLab approach to a city and systems level.

Core to the initiative is a network of cities, regions and countries that have pledged to work towards producing everything they consume by 2054.

Citizens, FabLabs and City officials collaborate locally to implement new urban models through interventions in governance and policy.

Did you know about this?

?  Workshop, Fab City Summit 2019 © Fab City initiative


Publication date
24 June 2021