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New European Bauhaus

NEB Academy

As one flagship initiative of the European Year of Skills, the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative launches the NEB Academy on skills for sustainable construction.

The NEB Academy will accelerate up-skilling and re-skilling in the construction ecosystem to support the transition from an extractive, mineral-based and fossil hydrocarbon-fuelled construction economy to a regenerative bio-economy and circular system of material reuse. 

In line with the integrated approach of the New European Bauhaus, the NEB Academy embraces a systemic thinking around sustainable construction, looking at all the phases and links in the sector’s value chain. Identified knowledge gaps in the use of bio-based materials, digital technologies, and increased circularity in construction offer the first focus areas. 

To promote inter-regional exchange of skills and best practices, the NEB Academy will:

  • Encourage the creation of NEB Academy Pioneer Hubs

As a first step to the creation of the NEB Academy, and in order to foster the bottom-up approach of the New European Bauhaus, the European Commission will provide a framework for interested NEB Partners that already carry out skilling and upskilling activities, to establish NEB Academy Pioneer Hubs. These are established  notably to provide learning activities with the purpose of advancing the overall objective of the NEB Academy to upskill and reskill workers in the construction ecosystem in the next five years, in line with the ambition of the European Green Deal, the European Climate Law, and the Renovation Wave strategy. 

The NEB Academy Pioneer Hubs will represent a first level of commitment to the NEB Academy. The creation of a NEB Academy Pioneer Hub is a self-committing action that does not entail financial support on behalf of the EU budget.

  • Create a Network of NEB Academy Hubs

The European Commission will support the creation of a NEB Academy Hub network. The NEB Academy Hubs will be selected based on objective criteria. This procedure will be put in place in the coming months. The Network of the NEB Academy Hubs will benefit from financial support from the EU budget, as a stronger commitment will be requested from them.

Established NEB Academy Pioneer Hubs may apply to the status of NEB Academy Hub, once the procedure is in place.

  • A NEB Academy Collaborative Platform

An online platform, designed in cooperation with, will make training materials easily accessible, and eventually offer courses in real-time.

Contribute to the NEB Academy

True to its bottom-up approach, the New European Bauhaus calls on members of the NEB Community, as well as other European stakeholders working at the forefront of sustainable construction, to take together the first steps of the NEB Academy.

How to contribute in the next months?