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New European Bauhaus
News article8 February 20211 min read

Home farming for a more sustainable future

We are interested in reinventing our living spaces in ways that are beneficial for the environment and our communities.

In My Backyard
CC BY-NC-SA In My Backyard -

How much do you know about home farming?​

Rui Monteiro invites us to reinvent our backyards! ​He was involved in an experimental pilot project on home farming and gardening in Esposende, Portugal, last year and shared his experience through our website.

Rui believes there's much more to backyards than we might think.

He suggests that we start looking at them as opportunities to improve our wellbeing while promoting local community engagement and a more sustainable future.​

Have you ever thought about growing your own food?​

Tell us how we can make the places where we live more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive!

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? Backyard / © CC BY-NC-SA In My Backyard -


Publication date
8 February 2021