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New European Bauhaus
News article15 March 20211 min read

A 1.1 prototype of new and sustainable forms of housing

We want to see examples of alternative building methods that respect the environment.

Proto Habitat
Proto Habitat
Proto Habitat

What if housing reflected our contemporary lifestyles? With the frontiers between life and work, private and public spheres being increasingly blurred, shall architectural norms be challenged?

Flavien Menu shared through our website the example of Proto Habitat.

Proto Habitat is a 1.1 prototype developed as a live experimentation project, following one-year theoretical research exploring new forms of housing across Europe.

It aims to be a demonstrator of sustainable building methods showcasing its construction technology, flexible use, social and environmental impact.

The prototype is a 100% locally sourced timber prefabricated construction. It's constructed with selected products and sub-products from the local timber industry with materials originating within 500 km around Bordeaux, ensuring total control and traceability of the inhabitants' living environment.

Proto-Habitat is modular.

The base unit provides a flexible configuration. It's composed of an open ground floor (30sqm), a mezzanine (15sqm), and an entirely flexible sunroom under the dome (30sqm). Proposing adaptable spaces, its total area can reach 90sqm. Conceived with a principle of neutral spaces, designed following privacy and intimacy criteria rather than predefined functions, the rooms can be adapted to different living and working patterns. All areas offer quality, simplicity, and flexibility to match the inhabitants' needs and lifestyle.

Proto-Habitat is also a nomad!

It's mountable within 5 days by three people using a truck crane. It's easily transportable and recyclable. It doesn't need foundations or marking to be settled on a site and can be installed in a variety of places. The base unit (75sqm), can be superimposed or juxtaposed to create larger configurations. It's expandable to different sizes depending on the urban or rural context, from individual housing to collective and vibrant buildings, and ethical inclusive developments.

Do you have other examples or ideas to share?

Go to Co-design in our main menu and submit them!

? Proto-Habitat / © Flavien Menu, Wald.City


Publication date
15 March 2021