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New European Bauhaus


The dashboard is a dynamic interactive map showing information on New European Bauhaus (NEB) projects and key actors across Europe and beyond. The map evolves as the NEB community continues to grow.

Banner Dashboard

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What can I find on the dashboard?

The New European Bauhaus is about supporting those who make change happen through their work and about encouraging others to bring their ideas to life. On the dashboard you can see many entities and projects of the NEB community:

  • NEB projects benefiting from EU funds
  • Projects and ideas that have won NEB prizes
  • NEB partners and friends
  • NEB high-level roundtable members

The New European Bauhaus unit would like to thank colleagues of the European Commission's Data Advisory and Directorate-General for Joint Research Centre (DG JRC), in particular, the Data Science team of Sustainable Resources: Economics of the Food System for their valuable support and input on the dashboard.