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New European Bauhaus

NEB Lab: Nordic carbon neutral Bauhaus

This community-led NEB Lab project is an open forum for the discussion of how architecture, design and art can help in achieving a carbon neutral and inclusive way of building and living.

NEB Nordic picture forest
© Felix Mittermeier from Pexels

Through the project we aim at unleashing the transformative power of creativity than can help imagining what built environment, cities and citizens of the future will be. We will approach complex questions of development of living spaces that are sustainable and at the same time inclusive and beautiful for us as human beings.

This action is initiated and supported by the Nordic countries which pursue carbon neutrality in rapid schedule. The global warming is proceeding faster in the North than in many other regions. Rapidly changing climate is already threatening the wellbeing of our societies, nature and economy.

Nordic Bauhaus

Project milestones

  • 9 June 2022: Launch at the New European Bauhaus Festival
  • December 2022: First policy dialogue
  • Spring 2023: Open design challenge for carbon neutral building and living
  • Summer 2023: First democracy festival tour
  • Summer/autumn 2023: First exhibition
  • Winter 2023-24: Second policy dialogue
  • Summer 2024: Second democracy festival tour
  • Summer/autumn 2023: Second exhibition
  • End of 2024: Learning and project support materials

Participation in the project

The project's goals are no less than to set global examples of inclusive low carbon building and living, following the principles of circular economy and bio economy. Along this route, there are approaches that work and others that don´t.

The project coordinators argue that architecture, design, arts and culture have latent potential to imagine and enhance the decarbonization of design and construction. The idea is to offer a forum for discussion and debate, for sharing information and inspiration.

At this critical juncture of history they call the entire New European Bauhaus community to seek effective and inclusive means for carbon neutral building and living.

Citizens, cities and municipalities, designers and builders, industry, research and academia, as well as young people will be invited to participate in the project's exhibitions, open design calls, democracy and design festivals, and policymaker dialogues. 

Project team coordinators

  • Aalto University, New European Bauhaus partner
  • Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, New European Bauhaus partner
  • New European Bauhaus National Contact Points
  • Ministry of the Environment, Finland
  • Ministry of Education and Culture, Finland
  • Ministry of Infrastructure, Iceland
  • Danish Housing and Planning Authority
  • Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning
  • Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, Norway
  • Nordic Council of Ministers


matti [dot] kuittinenatgov [dot] fi (Matti KUITTINEN), Ministry of Environment of Finland and Aalto University

helena [dot] bjarnegardatboverket [dot] se (Helena BJARNEGÅRD), Council for Sustainable Cities in Sweden

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