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New European Bauhaus
11 April 17:30 - Museum Stage - Fashion Show


FEST : Fashion Show _Mariia HORBENKO

Material :  Old clothes, leftover fabrics, electro wastes

"Look" has been created as a part of the educational project "Moda na Recykling" (translates as "Fashion for Recycling"), organized by the European Recycling Platform. 

The dress has been created using the upcycling method, incorporating old clothes and leftover fabrics provided by a Polish clothing brand. The chainmail, as well as the decorative pauldron, has been made using electronic waste provided by the European Recycling Platform.

The main idea of the look was to broaden horizons and to show that everything that surrounds us can be transformed, repurposed, and has the potential to gain a second life.

In this creation, I purposefully combined delicate tulle with edgy elements used to create the chainmail. This risky combination was aimed at reminding people that sometimes the metaphorical armor that we build around ourselves to protect our vulnerability may, over time, start to destroy the very thing it was supposed to save in the first place.