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New European Bauhaus

Co-design process and contributions

Conversations that change our world.

A sketch of a conversation around a table, during a party.
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The New European Bauhaus opened its activities by proposing a series of conversations on the places we inhabit and on our relationship with natural environments, beyond the built space. It was an attempt to discover beautiful, sustainable and inclusive ways of living and to use them to inspire our way forward.

During this design phase, we have collected almost two thousand examples, ideas and challenges. Individuals and institutions submitted more than two hundred papers and essays, and many conversations were organised locally across Europe and beyond. All the material is now available here to allow you to connect with the organisers and to make sense of what came up.

Stats on the design phase

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The Co-design phase of the New European Bauhaus initiative ended on 30 June. However, the conversation about the New European Bauhaus will not stop. It will restart in September to feed a place & purpose based community to support local efforts in making the New European Bauhaus a truly transformative process. If you are interested in joining, please consider applying to become an official partner of the New European Bauhaus or make sure you start connecting with our official Partners based on your interest, your locations and your competences.

The contributions

This page hosts the collection of what our audience considers beautiful, sustainable, inclusive forms of living. A warm thank you to all the participants who shared their experiences, positions, thoughts. Please keep in mind that the contributions may not reflect the views of the Commission.

The authors of the material presented here and in the linked pages have agreed to share the content they produced and their contact information: feel free to reach out, connect and help whenever you see a story that resonates with you!

Want to contribute further? Connect with a partner or apply for partnership (re-opening September 2021).

Short stories

A word cloud related to the examples received

Follow this link to see the latest examples shared with us.

A word cloud related to the ideas received

Follow this link to see an overview of the latest ideas.

Wordcloud related to the challenges received

Follow this link to see an overview of the latest challenges.

Free form contributions

Click below to download all the contributions received through the free form collection point. The compressed file contains an excel file with direct link to the individual papers, essays, articles, conversations and the contact information of their authors.

We have added some information to help you browse through the list: a title, a list of keywords and a very concise description of what you will find in the contribution. The entries associated to an organisation also display its name.

We are currently working on an improved visualisation and access to the information.

15 JULY 2021
Free form contributions


A selection

The examples, ideas and challenges below are a selection we made among all those we have received. We hope you will find them inspiring as well!