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New European Bauhaus
11 April 17:30 - Grand Narthex - Fashion Show



Material : Gabardine, Jersey and patchwork of upcycled cotton.

My clothes are composed of three main structural ideas: Upcycling, History, and Play. 

Upcycling: a desire to use fabric scraps, even the most improbable, to minimize waste. Juggling this concept that is both very contemporary and rooted in the ancient and discreet practices of domestic sewing. Patchwork, as well as embellishment through thread subtraction and embroidery, were my solutions.

History: my iconographic research focused on a book: “Fashion in the Soviet Union from 1917 to 1945”. The aesthetic works of the 1920s, notably those of Nadezhna Lamanova, and Rodchenko captivated my eye. A pragmatic optimism emanates from the clean lines of these designs, from the patterns to the stylized colors and shapes. 

I finally introduced part of my universe. Creatures, pareidolia revealing monsters, frogs, or snakes, as well as playful or urban elements like diabolos and bricks. Small fragments of stories that exchange with each other through the fabrics and weaves of the clothes. Heterogeneous elements who coexist in their little world, functioning in interdependence. 

A very serious structure underlies the collection. Just as a child plays seriously with his figurines, this is about presenting a sensitive world where joy and hope build things, despite the horrors that constantly occur in the world. I perceive this joy as an optimistic resistance in the face of difficulties.