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New European Bauhaus

Transformation of places on the ground calls 2023-2024

Calls supporting the concrete transformation of the built environment and associated lifestyles at local level.

Overview of EU funding opportunities to support the achievement of the New European Bauhaus objectives (2023-2024)
General publications26 April 2024
Overview of EU funding opportunities to support the achievement of the New European Bauhaus objectives (2023-2024)


New European Bauhaus dedicated calls

European Urban InitiativeOctober 2022 – January 2023European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
Affordable Housing District DemonstratorDecember 2022 – April 2023HORIZON-CL4-2023-RESILIENCE-01-44
Urban greening and re-naturing for urban regeneration, resilience and climate neutralityJanuary – April 2023HORIZON-MISS-2023-CLIMA-CITIES-01-01
Projects to support Bauhaus, the Phoenix initiative and the Emerald NetworkApril 2023 – September 2023LIFE-2023-PLP-Bauhaus-Phoenix-Emerald
CBE JU supporting activities for the New European Bauhaus Academy, a network for re-skilling and upskilling towards a sustainable construction ecosystemJuly 2023 – October 2023HORIZON-JU-CBE-2023-2-S-01
EIT Community Co-Create NEB: Local communities and public authorities building sustainable, beautiful and inclusive public space – 2024July 2023 – October 2023Horizon Europe (HORIZON)
New European Bauhaus – innovative solutions for greener and fairer ways of life through arts and culture, architecture and design for allOctober 2023 – February 2024HORIZON-CL2-2024-HERITAGE-01-01
Demonstrating the potential of nature-based solutions and the New European Bauhaus to contribute to sustainable, inclusive and resilient living spaces and communitiesOctober 2023 – February 2024HORIZON-CL6-2024-BIODIV-02-2-two-stage
Affordable Housing Cross-sectoral PartnershipFebruary 2024 – April 2024SMP-COSME-2023-HOUS-01
New governance models for the co-design and co-construction of public spaces in neighbourhoods by communitiesMay 2024 - September 2024HORIZON-MISS-2024-NEB-01-02
Exploiting the potential of secondary bio-based productsMay 2024 - September 2024HORIZON-MISS-2024-NEB-01-01

Contributing calls




Intelligent data acquisition and analysis of materials and products in existing built works

December 2022 – March 2023


PV integration in buildings and in infrastructure

December 2022 – March 2023


Demonstration of marine and coastal infrastructures as hybrid blue-grey Nature-based Solutions

December 2022 – March 2023


Eco-friendly consumer products – low-toxicity/zero pollution construction bio-based materials

December 2022 – March 2023


Improving rural future through better territorial governance and rural-urban synergies

December 2022 – April 2023


Evidence-based interventions for promotion of mental and physical health in changing working environments (post-pandemic workplaces) 

January – April 2023


Soils in spatial planning

January 2023 – September 2023


EIC Accelerator Challenge: New European Bauhaus and Architecture, Engineering and Construction digitalisation for decarbonisation

No deadline, continuous
January – October 2023


Associating Ukrainian cities to the Climate-neutral and smart cities Mission

April – September 2023


Fast-tracking and promoting built environment construction and renovation innovation with local value chains (Built4People Partnership)

May – September 2023


Supporting the creation of an accessible and inclusive built environment (Built4People Partnership)

May – September 2023


EIC Pathfinder Challenge: Architecture, Engineering and Construction digitalisation for a novel triad of design, fabrication, and materials

June – October 2023


Enhanced assessment, intervention and repair of civil engineering infrastructure

September 2023- February 2024


Digital solutions to foster participative design, planning and management of buildings, neighbourhoods and urban districts (Built4People Partnership)

September 2024 – January 2025


More details on the dedicated calls

More details on the contributing calls