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New European Bauhaus
Конференции и срещи на високо равнище

Independent event: Fictional narrative & the meaning factory - organised in the framework of the New European Bauhaus initiative

Gathering of European screenwriters & researchers on fiction-storytelling, which is not just entertainment, but fundamentally a pillar of how humans build their worldview or shape the way they interact with each other.

  • culture | inclusion | green infrastructure | social economy
  • Петък 28 Mай 2021 г., 16:00 ч. - 18:00 ч. (CEST)

Практическа информация

Петък 28 Mай 2021 г., 16:00 ч. - 18:00 ч. (CEST)
StoryTANK, the European think tank bringing together storytellers and researchers
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