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New European Bauhaus
News article1 March 20211 min read

Sustainable construction and better quality of experience by design

We want to see examples of alternative building methods that respect the environment.

InnoRenew CoE

In 2020, the construction of the largest wooden building in Slovenia started.

Andreja Kutnar shared this example through our website and explained that the 8.200 m2 building, hosting offices and laboratories, will enable top-level contemporary research in wood processing and technology.

The facility consists of two interconnected buildings, designed by architects E. Prelovšek Niemelä, A. Niemelä, and scientists from InnoRenew CoE. The entire building complex will be monitored by scientists from engineering, construction, and human experience perspective.

The hybrid construction based on a combination of timber, concrete, and steel will allow comparative analysis of all three materials. It will be equipped with a smart management system, will be low energy and airtight, and ventilation that will be regulated by heat recovery and natural ventilation during peak weather conditions. A sensor network will be installed to monitor the interior, construction, and façades. All observed data will be mapped to the Building Management System. This will give researchers an insight into the way wood ages in buildings, performance over time, relation to indoor comfort.

The interior will be respect the Restorative Environmental and Ergonomic Design principles. Based on the institute's current research it will provide optimal well-being  for occupants through ergonomy and natural elements, like wood, and natural light. The layout of rooms and interior fittings will encourage employees to limit sedentary time. Materials to be touched, such as railings, doors, electric switches, and furniture, will also be selected according to the institute's research on the type of wood most likely to improve well-being.

The roofs are flat and green. They respect the principle that we should return to nature what we take from it while also strengthening building insulation.

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Publication date
1 March 2021