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New European Bauhaus
Artiklu tal-aħbarijiet16 Jannar 2021

A project that tackles the issues of tomorrow

We are interested to see your projects that bring together today's challenges and the big missions of tomorrow. 

Urban Beta visualization
Marvin Bratke

Urban Beta – A vision for healthy and collective neighborhoods

Urban Beta develops potential urban plots for temporary and collectively designed neighborhoods with a strong focus on social mix. The project aims for the reintegration of homeless people back into society. For that it offers participatory and empowering design solutions that are implemented in existing neighborhood fabrics. The temporary, self-sufficient timber modules are designed for inclusion. Disassembly becomes part of the lifecycle strategy, including renewables, upcycled materials and material passports.  Urban Beta is part of the “Zukunft Bau” grant program to research circular timber construction for temporary living. The grant is initiated by the German BMI (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community) to foster research in future construction.

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Team: Anke Parson, Marvin Bratke, Florian Michaelis, Paul Bart


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16 Jannar 2021