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News article5 June 2021

An online open source planning tool for future school building projects

We are interested in facilitating knowledge sharing and learning from others.


How do you imagine the school buildings of the future? 

Investment in schools in Germany has trailed behind new developments for years, leaving several municipalities facing challenges. The existing school building regulations no longer meet current teaching standards, educational formats & inclusion requirements. 

This was the starting point for the IBA StadtLand School project on the outskirts of Weimar. 

In an extensive participation process, the town, teachers, parents & pupils of the Jenaplan School 'Staatliche Gemeinschaftsschule Weimar' came together to discuss their needs, expectations & corresponding building requirements. A team of experts is translating these into a concrete building project. The nonprofit foundation 'Montag Stiftung Jugend & Gesellschaft' support the project.

The foundation promotes forward-looking, sustainable & inclusive school buildings that provide a good quality environment for contemporary education for everyone.

They are also developing an online toolkit that will document the valuable knowledge gained from the design, planning & development of schools (use concepts, spatial configurations) that will be freely available. 

The objective is to develop a tool for architects that can assist in designing school buildings, provide a framework of quality parameters so school authorities can plan confidently for the future and help other municipalities /planners benefit from existing experience & save costs.

The project 'Weimar StadtLand School' is one of about 40 projects of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thüringen. Together with hundreds of collaborators, they design & develop projects in the rural area of Thuringia. The theme of the IBA Thüringen is StadtLand (urban-rural) - about a changed relationship between individuals & nature, between society and its resources, it's about a new social metabolism. The goal of sustainability, cycle-based & solidarity-based principles supports this transformation process

Any beautiful, sustainable & inclusive examples from where you live? Share them by end-June!

? School design / © IBA Thüringen


Publication date
5 June 2021