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New European Bauhaus
News article16 June 20211 min read

A new building block

We want to see examples of alternative building methods and materials that respect the environment.


Could we actually use a new Building Block?

The Collaborative Research Architecture Design studio is a group of architects, problem solvers, and educators who operate collaboratively as a creative think tank workshop solving design problems.

In their view, for the New European Bauhaus to effect change, it must contextualise & operate at different scales: the larger framework scale of policies & regulations, city, urban & rural planning and design, but also urban & neighbourhood scale, buildings & general architecture, interiors & products.

The idea they shared through our website is that of creating a new building block. It may address a specific scale, but it will remain open to opportunities & challenges at other scales.

They suggest that building materials and construction methods be fundamentally rethought to have inclusivity, sustainability, aesthetics built into the foundation of design, production & assembly.

Their proposal is to design a new building block:

  • inclusive - cheap, accessible & easily assimilable
  • sustainable - fully recyclable & part of the circular economy
  • aesthetically contextual & adaptable

The sustainable, inclusive, aesthetically evolving & adaptable building block should be:
· small & human handleable
· structural, so when the blocks are assembled, they create a structurally safe building
· adaptable to different climates with varying insulation requirements
· a waterproofed system when assembled
· preferably, it can perform multiple functions, e.g., foundation, external wall, flooring & roofing
· easily assembled without the need for many tools
· designed with aesthetics in mind so that the final system can be exposed
· adaptable by taking on different aesthetics to relate to varying contexts
· low maintenance & easily cleaned

The image depicts their hypothetical concept design with necessary waterproofing layers, insulation, structures & an adaptable finish.

One way of defining these layers and contextualising the solution, they say, could be to use existing local materials & practices.

? Building Block © CRAD


Publication date
16 June 2021