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News article13 June 20211 min read

A Masterplan improving the capacity of a city to cope with climate change

We are interested in smart infrastructure solutions making the cities and regions of the future more resilient.


Can we better prepare our communities & local infrastructure and make them more resilient to extreme weather conditions?

Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl shared through our website information about the Strategic Flood Masterplan of Copenhagen.

You might have heard that heavy downpours caused severe flooding & substantial damage to Denmark's infrastructure in 2010-2011.

The City of Copenhagen & Greater Copenhagen Utilities (HOFOR) assisted by Cowi developed a general and citywide cloudburst masterplan that divides Copenhagen and Frederiksberg into catchments for strategic flood prevention.

Copenhagen Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl created a "Cloudburst Concretization Masterplan" for 8 central city catchments (Norrebro, Ladegards-aen & Vesterbro, Valby & Vanlose), encompassing a total area of 34 km² and that includes 300 projects.

The strategy tackles key flood management and water quality issues while creating the greatest possible synergy with the urban environment.

The plans are based on an unparalleled citywide use of integrated planning & implementation of blue-green infrastructure, which has inspired planners internationally.

Overall principles of the strategy:

  • To retain rainwater in the upper catchment
  • To provide robust & adaptable drainage of lower-lying areas
  • To focus on implementing green & blue solutions in existing projects

A "cloudburst" toolbox of urban interventions, such as cloudburst boulevards, cloudburst parks, cloudburst plazas, provides the basis for a dynamic & multifunctional system.

This new generation of blue-green infrastructures addresses essential city services such as mobility, recreation, safety, and biodiversity, creating a strategic and feasible approach to ensure long-term resilience & economic buoyancy.

The approach adapts interdisciplinary approaches, moving away from isolated thinking. A common vision aligned engineers, hydraulic experts, GIS & information technologists, architects, planners, biologists, economists, communication specialists & landscape architects with local citizens, investors & politicians.

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Publication date
13 June 2021