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New European Bauhaus
News article4 February 20211 min read

A manually-operated lift

We are interested in inclusive solutions that make our living spaces accessible to everyone.

A manually-operated lift

Inclusive design matters!

We want the places where we live and meet to be accessible to everyone. ​

Can we achieve that in a sustainable way?​

What if a manually-operated lift that works without electric power can help citizens with reduced mobility move between floors?​

Someone from the Netherlands shared this idea through our website.

They introduced it as a sustainable solution that can prove useful for the increasingly ageing European population. It can help less abled persons be more independent and improve their quality of life while respecting the environment.​

What do you think?​

Send us your examples of beautiful, sustainable, and accessible solutions that can improve our ways of living! ​

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? Manually-operated lift / © Source: vertiwalk 


Publication date
4 February 2021