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Новинарска статия11 Mарт 2021 г.

The luxury of self-dependence

We are interested in sustainable forms of housing that can contribute to more resilient communities.

Taru Vaas
Taru Vaas
Taru Vaas

Ever thought about living in a treehouse? What are your thoughts on the "luxury of self-dependence"?

Arijit Patra shared this concept through our website. His example comes from India, but he suggests it could easily be adopted elsewhere in the world.

''Taru Vaas'', which is Hindi for treehouse, is envisioned as a self-sustaining oasis in the urban concrete jungle. It's architecture bio-mimicking a tree that can grow, make its own energy, food and support life around it.

Arijit is proposing a house that goes beyond its function of providing shelter. It enables self-dependence for its users. A form of luxury that is hard to achieve but important considering the uncertainties and global challenges we face today, such as the covid19 pandemic or climate change, and new ones we will face in the future.

It focuses on building family relationships by maximising a green living space designed with interactivity in mind. The family can come together and spend time bonding over garden work. As the garden changes with the seasons, the environment is also dynamic and refreshing for the people living there. This environment is supported within an architectural enclosure backed with sustainable technologies. Such a lifestyle allows self-producing families to be autonomous and share resources with others, resulting in more resilient communities.

How you think we can make the places where we live more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive?

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? Taru Vaas / © Arijit Patra


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11 Mарт 2021 г.