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New European Bauhaus
News article2 March 20211 min read

How would nature design a city?

We are interested in multidisciplinary research that expands theoretical knowledge and advances practical solutions leading to better ways of living.

Microscopic storyboard Bionic City®
Microscopic storyboard Bionic City®
© Bioratorium Limited & Melissa Sterry

Dr. Melissa Sterry shared the example of Bionic City® through our website.

Bionic City® asks this very question, exploring the potential of biodesign, biomimetics, biotechnology, and biology in the built environment of the now, near, and far future.
Founded in Britain, the project embraces a global community of researchers and practitioners across the bio and related STEM, design, architecture, and creative fields interested in aligning human systems with nature's!
Creating its own original research, concepts, and creative works, it also serves as a platform for collaborating and co-creating with pioneering cross-disciplinary scientists, designers, architects, engineers, technologists, and artists.
It investigates the potential application and future impact of its own research activities and seminal scientific, technological, and creative developments worldwide. 
How? By engaging mediums and techniques, including post-normal science, transdisciplinary research, scenario planning, speculative design and fiction, trend identification, analysis, extrapolation, workshops, panels, interviews, and both lab and field experiments.
How does that sound to you? Do you have an inspiring example or a vision on how our future ways of living should look like?

Go to Co-design in our main menu and share it!

? Microscopic storyboard / Source: © Bioratorium Limited & Melissa Sterry


Publication date
2 March 2021