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New European Bauhaus
News article18 May 20211 min read

An example of sustainable modular construction

We want to see examples of alternative building methods that respect the environment.

Green and Transportable Modular Building
Simona Roggeri and Paolo Olivari


What's your take on modular construction?

Simona Roggeri and Paolo Olivari shared through our website the example of the Green and Transportable Modular Building (GTMB).

The GTMB project is committed to designing a net-zero energy building (nZEB) that has reduced impact on the environment and adapts to different climates and configurations, solving current mobility problems. 

It is based on a flexible system, easily adjustable and adaptable according to a modular framework, which allows the building to be possibly transportable. 

The Green and Transportable Modular Building:

  • adapts to different climates and configurations according to users' needs and variable social interactions, for example traveling with family or friends
  • meets the energy needs of heating, cooling, ventilation, electricity, and domestic hot water. 

The GTMB prototype is based on timber technology, which can reduce the environmental impact in its life cycle and integrates an independent photovoltaic system power supply and a heat pump to maximise the system's energy efficiency. 

The housing module has been validated in two climates, in Italy and Norway. The energy balance has been evaluated during the operation phase, which shows that it has low energy consumption and respects the concept of carbon zero.

What do you think? Have you worked on a similar project?

If you think your beautiful, sustainable and inclusive project can inspire others, don't forget to apply for the New European Bauhaus Prizes by 31 May 2021 - category 9 is for Modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions 

? Green and Transportable Modular Building © Simona Roggeri and Paolo Olivari


Publication date
18 May 2021