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Educating kids towards responsible citizenship and sustainability

We are interested in the role of education in improving our ways of living.

Pupils of Sustainable Dream City
Pupils of Sustainable Dream City
Navet Science Center

How important do you think education is for maximising our chances of reaching a sustainable future? Why not teach kids to care for the places where we live and the natural environment around us from an early age?

Anna Gunnarsson shared through our website the example of "A Sustainable Dream City".

What is the Sustainable Dream City?

It's a year-long sustainability education programme for 5th graders ending up in each class presenting their Sustainable Dream City.

By learning about how cities are planned, our ecological surroundings, problems, and challenges here and now and in other parts of the world and history, the pupils are given the base they need to dream and suggest how things could be in the future.

The Sustainable Dream City is a collaboration project between Navet science center and the local company for waste management/ wastewater treatment/ freshwater supply.

Their common aim is to raise awareness, knowledge, and engagement in sustainability, democracy, Agenda 2030, and the Global Goals creatively and inspiringly.

The concept has been very successful both among the teachers and the pupils taking part.

There is immense creativity in the classes, both when it comes to ideas for the future cities and how the classes present their ideas. There have been presentations in the form of theatre plays, songs, huge models taking up most of the floor space in the classroom, and even a cake presenting the city on top!

Have you worked on a project that empowers kids to become more engaged and responsible citizens?

? Pupils of Sustainable Dream City © Navet Science Center

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