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Novinski članak16. veljače 2021.Zajednički istraživački centar

A creative toolkit for reframing problems

We are interested in tools that can facilitate our conversations about the future.

Group using the new metaphors toolkit
Dan Lockton

To reimagine our ways of living as part of the transition to a more environmentally and socially sustainable future, we need to see and understand the world in new ways.

​​Dan Lockton introduced a creative toolkit through our website to help with that!

It facilitates idea generation and reframing of problems by using metaphors and examples from nature and everyday life as prompts for reconceptualising vital issues and questions. ​​Dan has used this toolkit to engage with groups in community and participatory design contexts, in-person and online. For example, with participants at the Untitled Festival (Demos Helsinki) they explored new kinds of economic models, and with students in the USA they explored different climate futures.

​​Have you ever used a tool like this? How do you think a more beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive future will look like?​​

Go to 'Co-design' > 'Share your views​'

? Group using the toolkit / © Dan Lockton​


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16. veljače 2021.
Zajednički istraživački centar