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News article21 March 2021

A community garden for and by neighbours

We are interested in making the places where we live and our experiences more beautiful and sustainable, together.

De Groene Zon
De Groene Zon
De Groene Zon

We welcome spring with an example from the Netherlands that is just about to bloom!

Angelica shared through our website the very recent example of De Groene Zon - an edible neighbourhood garden for and by residents in The Hague.

The idea came into being during Covid-19 and is based on permaculture principles, a holistic approach to gardening that brings food production closer to consumers and where all humans, plants, and animals are equal.

Angelica feels that this is a powerful project. It began as a simple vision by a few proactive citizens. With the municipality's support, it's becoming a reality and starts growing into an initiative that strengthens inclusiveness and connectedness within the neighbourhood.

Everybody plays a part: the elderly are planting the seeds and children are painting the wooden walls while learning that apples don't just come from the shop but grow on a tree!

The idea is that everyone, not just the neighbours but also people passing by, can take out fruits and vegetables from the garden, as long as they leave something behind for the rest.

Do you have something like this in your neighbourhood? Do you think we should have more community gardens in the future?

Go to 'Co-design' in our main menu and share your examples, ideas, challenges!

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Publication date
21 March 2021