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New European Bauhaus
News article29 April 20211 min read

Adaptive reuse of existing buildings for sustainable urban regeneration

We are interested in how built structures that have become disused or abandoned can be repurposed.

Edinburgh Apartments & Lofts
OpenAD architects

The coastal town of Jurmala in Latvia has long been popular for holidays and wellness retreats.

In Soviet years, it became home to numerous large-scale sanatoria. Nowadays, some still operate, others have reopened as spa hotels, yet a few remain neglected.

OpenAD architects shared through our website the work done to transform one such sad, abandoned building into affordable residential housing.

As firm believers in reuse and recycling, the architects chose to keep what remained of the original buildings. The structures were sturdy enough and suitable for re-establishing as a residential property. Rather than seeing the buildings' past use and layout as a burden, they saw their potential to become spacious apartments and high-ceilinged lofts.

They clad the buildings in wood respecting the historical context of Jurmala, known for its wooden cottages and villas with intricate details.

By adding colourful balconies & patios, they ensured that every apartment has its personal outdoor space. Residents, therefore, have a strong connection to their surroundings and can enjoy the fresh, pine-scented coastal air.

Jurmala's climate, natural scenery, and proximity to the capital Riga make it a desirable place to live year-round. However, many properties there target the wealthy. Through a sensible choice of materials and respecting the developers' intentions, the Edinburgh Apartments & Lofts complex was designed as an affordable, family-friendly choice.

The surrounding area will become a communal space with a playground, garden beds, and room for exercising to encourage residents to come together and build a community. The complex is also within walking distance of the town's forest park and railway station.

How can we make our communities & the places where we live more beautiful, sustainable & inclusive for everyone? Share your vision!

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? Edinburgh Apartments & Lofts / © OpenAD architects


Publication date
29 April 2021