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Beautiful, sustainable, and inclusive projects inspiring positive transformation around us.

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Inspiring projects and ideas (75)

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NEB Lab: New European Bauhaus on the Danube

NEB on the Danube is a think-and-do tank acting as an enabler for the green transition in the Danube region

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Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Germany, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine

NEB Lab: NEB Stewardship Lab

This academic-led NEB lab project explores and enhances the role of higher education in the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative. The co-development of the NEB Stewardship (NEB-S) model makes the endeavour more accessible and tangible for higher education institutions and students.

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Finland, Italy, Portugal, Italy, Netherlands, Cyprus

NEB Lab project: Innovative funding

This Commission-led NEB Lab project explores innovative funding solutions and modalities to mobilise private funding for New European Bauhaus activities for which traditional EU, or other, instruments and expertise are insufficient or inappropriate.

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Actions for Ukraine

From providing emergency assistance to rebuilding Ukraine.

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City of Echoes

Imagine a city made up of different voices! No, really, think about it!

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Have you heard of the concept "design by availability"? 

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Tierras en danza

Art and movement as vehicles for leisure and self-expression!

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ELEMENTerial bus stop

Can a bus stop encourage zero-waste and circular economy aspirations?

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Sara culture centre and hotel

Did you know that one of the world's tallest timber buildings is below the Arctic Circle in northern Sweden? 

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