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New European Bauhaus

Neighborhood Centre Jemtelandsgade

The living proof that nothing is more attractive than the combination between beauty and brains.

Neighborhood Centre Jemtelandsgade
Neighborhood Centre Jemtelandsgade
© European Union, 2021

The living proof that nothing is more attractive than the combination between beauty and brains. 

Behind this provocative yet compelling motto lies the vision of the Neighborhood Centre of Jemtelandsgade.

The project is part of the submissions for the 2021 #NewEuropeanBauhaus award prizes in "Reinvented places to meet and share."

The Neighborhood Centre on Jemtelandsgade is housed in a former industrial building from 1880 in Copenhagen. The project was part of a neighbourhood revitalization initiative. The emphasis on utilising existing structures and reducing material costs assures a highly innovative, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable solution.

Everything can be found there, from a local library and café to conferences and discussions to concerts & children's theatre. 

One of the essential pillars in the remodeling and design of the centre was social sustainability, thus making the centre the preferred hub for local democracy and networking.

The fundamental goal of the building's reuse was to provide a good connection between the center's varied operations while also preserving public openness and accessibility.

The current building's structural alterations principally consist of the partial removal of existing floor decks to create a new triple-high foyer space running the length of the building. The library is located in the foyer, which leads to the café. The rest of the structure was refurbished as simply as possible to maintain its sturdy industrial appearance.

An additional hall was built to accommodate events. The addition was designed to resemble a "children's tree house," with trunks made of oblique concrete columns.

The supporting structure consists of an exposed framework of plywood covered with thermal glazing panels in pine frames – just like an extensive shelving system that defines the boundaries of space. This creates a soft transition between the inside and the exterior. The house is lifted above the ground, providing light as darkness falls. 

The Neighborhood Centre prioritizes community-led activities for local enthusiasts eager to connect and develop new initiatives.

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