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New European Bauhaus

NEB Lab: Labelling strategy

This Commission-led NEB Lab project develops tools to characterise and recognise what makes concrete initiatives New European Bauhaus.  

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The project works at two complementary levels:

  • The New European Bauhaus Compass to guide decision and project-makers wishing to apply the NEB principles and criteria to their activities. The NEB Compass defines the three core values and the three working principles of the initiative and traces possible paths for a project to become truly “NEB”. It can be used to guide different projects: buildings, products, services, education models, etc. At the same time, it lays the foundation for future assessment tools that will be more detailed and dedicated to specific project types. 

  • A series of assessment frameworks developed for specific projects and outputs, streamlining existing standards and guidance around the three dimensions of the New European Bauhaus. The frameworks will be declined into self-assessment tools and used to define precise criteria for funding instruments or the labelling of projects and outputs.

In the initial phase of the project, the focus of the work on assessment tools will be on buildings and other living spaces.

Project milestones

  • April - July 2022: NEB Compass drafting and testing, mobilising expertise to work on the tool
  • May - November 2022: Call for lead experts to guide and assist the work on the assessment framework for buildings and living spaces
  • December 2022 signature of the contract with 12 Lead experts of the assessment framework
  • January 2023: Publication of the NEB Compass. Kick-off of experts’ work on the overview and classification of existing requirements and standards, guidelines, and codes of practices related to aesthetics, sustainability, and inclusion.
  • January 2023 onwards: Online sessions to promote the Compass
  • March 2023: Fine-tuning of sub-areas for each NEB value for the preparation of the assessment framework
  • May 2023: Selection of experts to work on sub-areas for the structuring of the assessment framework
  • October 2023: Final harmonized structure of the user manual for the assessment tool
  • May 2024: Final user manual and assessment tool
  • June 2024: Official presentation of the Knowledge Management Platform hosting the assessment tool and data of assessed projects
  • July 2024 onwards: Iterative testing of the tool with the community

Participation in the project

Identifying relevant indicators for each New European Bauhaus dimension is an ambitious objective. The project's advancement benefits from the involvement and support of people with relevant expertise.

Experts, academics and professionals in sustainability, inclusiveness and aesthetics are invited to join and contribute with their knowledge and experience. As the current focus of the assessment is on buildings, the participation of actors in the related sectors will complement the project team's findings with fresh ideas, minimize the risk of biases and help build a tool that meets users' needs.

By participating in dedicated co-creation sessions, you will get the chance to discuss and exchange first-hand information with other experts from the construction sector on the latest technical advancement, guidelines and requirements for the design of sustainable, beautiful and inclusive buildings.

Get involved if you are interested in having an impact on the design and testing of a new EU self-assessment tool that may also link with other policies in the future.

Project team coordinators


EC-New-European-Bauhausatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (EC-New-European-Bauhaus[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu)

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