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New European Bauhaus

MESH: Morphology, Environment, Sustainability, Human Comfort

A powerful tool capable of optimising an architectural project's environment-health-wellness indicators.

MESH © European Union
© European Union, 2021

A powerful tool capable of optimising an architectural project's environment-health-wellness indicators ???

That is the concept underlying MESH, a flexible, dynamic tool for developers, local governments, architects, and urbanists capable of adapting morphological hypotheses on urban planning through an iterative design process guided by environmental analysis.

The concept was chosen as one of 30 finalists for the New European Bauhaus awards in the category of "Techniques, materials, and processes for construction and design." ?

MESH combines parametric design techniques in an algorithm able to assess, compare, and improve urban shapes, adapting them to fit performance parameters like energy consumption and human comfort.

The project, which is based in Occitainie, France, addresses the complexities of environmental analysis using a multiscale and holistic approach to urban morphologies and operates at the crossroads of research & design.

Sustainability is the fundamental goal of the project, which incorporates environmental consciousness into the design of urban development at an early stage.

The effort, which is adjustable to changing operational needs, intends to promote city adaption to climate change.

The tool is based on the cross-analysis of three inputs:
?Geographical & climatic features
⚒Typo-morphology of the built fabric
?Human comfort

Morphology, according to its creators, has the power to give sensible improvements with near-zero cost, as opposed to better construction materials.

Its utility in an operational framework is dependent on the accuracy of its assessments, responsiveness & capacity to adapt to circumstantial operational needs, allowing better cities to be conceived to mitigate climatic change through involvement in the various phases of the design process, particularly the early ones.

Beyond the tool, MESH promotes a new collaborative design process, to better understand environmental issues and the impact that morphology may have on them.

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