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New European Bauhaus

Homeless housing

An out-of-the-box housing solution to tackle homelessness.

Homeless housing © European Union
Homeless housing © European Union
© European Union, 2021

An out-of-the-box housing solution to tackle homelessness ??

That's how Astrid Lykke's project from Holbæk, Denmark, can be described.

"Homeless people deserve to be taken care of and offered a second chance. A home is a human right and a great start to finding your way back into society," says Astrid.

Her proposal won this year’s New European Bauhaus Rising Star Prize in the "Modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions" category for under-30s.

It aims to fill the void left by existing housing systems by providing an alternative form of housing, in which community-feeling & individual privacy are both prioritized.

Focused on developing permanent, sustainable, aesthetic & high-quality homes for citizens lacking one & built out of robust, durable materials:

⚒ Using wood constructions in cross-laminated timber (CTL)
? Utilizing stone roof as the bearing construction
? Building interior walls made of wood
?‍♀️ Designed with a simple, quick, and inexpensive approach

By using appropriate materials and creating a universe in which people feel close to one another, the houses & shared areas will be sustainable in their life cycle, lasting for a long time and becoming a sought-after place to live.

The goal is to transition from the temporary mindset of many homeless housing solutions to a permanent mindset while increasing architectural value. The higher the quality of the houses, the more homeless people will cherish and care for them.

By developing this way of life, residents will put forth effort to make this their home and to create a place where everyone can be themselves, which, according to the proposal, cannot be achieved in temporary housing solutions.

Residents will be allowed to decorate their homes and even extend them, avoiding rows of identical houses. The buildings are designed with sophisticated yet experimental shapes and expressions: round windows, bright colours & materials one can interact with.

Another critical aspect of the project is ensuring a balance of privacy & community by incorporating private gardens ? as well as shared spaces.

? © European Union

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