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New European Bauhaus

AYR, the sustainability platform

Imagine a reward system capable of accelerating the transition towards carbon-neutral urban ecosystems.

AYR © European Union
AYR © European Union
AYR © European Union

Imagine a reward system capable of accelerating the transition towards carbon-neutral urban ecosystems.

Now, merge that idea with a blockchain-based platform that rewards users for choosing soft mobility

The result of this mix is AYR, a sustainability platform that originated in Matosinhos, Portugal. The project won this year's New European Bauhaus prize in Products & lifestyle.

At the intersection of the physical and digital worlds, AYR connects people and rewards them for making sustainable choices. Its current focus is on the mobility sector, but it also helps local communities to develop new habits and rethink their consumption patterns when it comes to energy or food.

The platform calculates the amount of CO2 emitted when people choose alternatives to individual cars These non-emissions are converted into virtual tokens, which green credit users can keep in a digital wallet and then exchange for specific services or goods.

However, not only individuals can benefit from AYR. Businesses can also offset their carbon emissions by purchasing green credits.

The proceeds from both sources are reinvested in projects involving local carbon capture, sustainable mobility, and the circular economy.

This innovative platform allows for:
?Real-time quantification of CO2 emissions avoided by citizens using a greener mobility mode
?Conversion of CO2 emissions value into green digital credits stored in the user's digital wallet (app)
?Transfer of digital credits for green goods and services, creating a marketplace where tokens circulate as a sustainability coin
?The offset of local companies' CO2 emissions through the purchase of these tokens, with the proceeds going to local businesses

Through transformative action, AYR helps revitalize urban neighborhoods by making them more sustainable, inclusive, and beautiful co-imagining new ways of living together in cities.

Their long-term goal?

To support Europe in meeting the EU Green Deal objectives of reducing carbon emissions by 55% by 2030 and reaching carbon neutrality by 2050.

? © European Union

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