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New European Bauhaus

Solarized Businesses in Sustainable Buildings, e.g. Cold storage units for Ghana

19 April - 10:00 /12:00 - Online Workshop  

Solarized Businesses in Sustainable Buildings


Three institutions partner for this event:

  • Don Bosco Mondo e.V.: German NGO supporting Don Bosco institutions internationally with different resources. The NGO focuses education and vocational training, the latter in cooperation with companies. The NGO is partner of the “Green Alliance” of Don Bosco and the NEB and thus strives to promote the values of both initiatives.
  • PMF Housing: German Startup that developed a modular system for the construction of affordable high-quality buildings. They have a flexible, variable architecture with different sizes, shapes and uses that can be adapted to different  climates, cultural, traditional and individual needs; they withstand strong hazards from storms, rain, flooding and earthquakes. The buildings have a minimum ecological footprint, can be manufactured locally and combine excellent insulation with a long lifetime. The manufacturing does not require any hazardous material and the buildings can be widely re-used or recycled when no longer needed.
  • Don Bosco Solar: Based in Accra / Ghana, the institute has a team of experts to provide both on-grid and off-grid PV installation and training. All trainings are practical based, the teachers place more emphasis on hands-on-practicals and not only teach theoretical knowledge. The institutes cooperates with international experts and reaches out to different African countries.


These partners have a joint cause: The building of sustainable housing for businesses, powered by solar energy. Both building and solarization should be accompanied by vocational training, thus enabling marginalized target groups to implement both processes professionally themselves. The skills can be used

  • in private projects taking care of home and family,
  •  in employment where there are labour markets
  • or entrepreneurship where the markets fit.


In this special combination the partners relate to the values of NEB as well as to several SDGs.

Goal 4: Quality Education

Goal 5: Gender Equality

Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy

Goal 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

The pilot shall be a solar powered cool house. The combined expertise is ready to act, we are looking for partners, know how transfer and funding.


Please register at NEB-Festivalatpmfhousing [dot] eu (NEB-Festival[at]pmfhousing[dot]eu)

You are highly welcome!