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New European Bauhaus

FesThink - The Festival of Thought

09 - 10 April - Speech / Panel discussion in Lisbon, Portugal

FesThink - The Festival of Thought


Ecology of Chaos and the Infinity Rivers ( 9 april At 7P.M) 

In the moment of crisis and transition to a new age of reason, how should we interpret technology?  This roundtable invites the public to explore the visuals and realities of  The Ecology Of Chaos by rethinking and reimagining our relationship to technology and experimental forms of literature. In connection to many of the points and approaches made in the reflections on technology, three ‘novels’, which are both radically aural and visual, will be mentioned as examples of encountering the ecology of chaos: Finnegans Wake by James Joyce, Grande Sertão: Veredas by João Guimarães Rosa, and Larva. Babel de Una Noche de San Juan by Julian Rios. The river, present in these fictions, serves as a metaphor to address this tension between finite and infinite. Through our reorientation and response-ability with technology, and being in touch with these three literary works, we may embark on the experience of feeling, thinking and being ecological.


A city for all: architecture as a social invention ( 10 april At 7P.M) 

This roundtable explores architecture's potential as a powerful tool for social transformation, addressing issues of accessibility, inclusivity, diversity, and community well-being. What is needed to go beyond mere physical structures and catalyze social interactions, a sense of belonging, and equitable urban environments accessible to all? This question will guide the discussion about the pivotal role of architecture in shaping society.