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New European Bauhaus

‘The Trilix’ Bamboo Pavilion

Bamboo Pavilion

Initiative and Project:


Welcome to “The Trilix” Bamboo Pavilion, a stunning architectural marvel that seamlessly blends sustainability with innovative design.The Dutch Bamboo Foundation (DBF) in collaboration with bkvv architecten of Amsterdam are delighted to announce their participation in New European Bauhaus Festival 2024


Inspired by the natural beauty of bamboo and the timeless elegance of trefoil shapes, our pavilion boasts three circular roofs that converge to create a harmonious and striking structure. Crafted primarily from renewable bamboo materials, this pavilion serves as a shining example of eco-friendly architecture, showcasing the possibilities of sustainable construction practices. Whether you're seeking a serene space for meditation, a unique venue for events, or simply a captivating architectural masterpiece to admire, The Trilix Bamboo avilion offers and unforgettable experience that celebrates the beauty of nature and the power of sustainable design.


Presentation: April 12th, 12:20 - MUSEUM STAGE - “Masterclass with the Masterpieces Architects”


About the Dutch Bamboo Foundation:

As an official Partner member since mid-2023, the Dutch Bamboo Foundation is committed to advancing sustainable design and construction practices, with a particular focus on bamboo as a versatile and eco-friendly material. Led by Brian E. Wennersten, with a focus on research, education, and advocacy, the foundation aims to raise awareness about the environmental and social benefits of bamboo as a material for a nature based circular economy. By collaborating with industry partners and conducting innovative projects, the Dutch Bamboo Foundation strives to accelerate the adoption of bamboo design & construction, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future. DBF is a Dutch non-profit, public benefit organization known in the Netherlands as the legal entity of Stichting.


Profile bkvv architects :

We design, engineer, and supervise the realization of climate friendly buildings.


Robert van Kats and Sanne Eekel work together at bkvv architects based in Amsterdam. They have designed the bamboo pavilion in Kaliro (Uganda) which is the inspiration of the bamboo pavilion in Brussels. To design develop and build climate friendly buildings is their mission. In their design process bkvv architects focuses on using smart natural principles (physics) to create buildings that are efficient in their energy consumption and enable a comfortable way of living. The materials, they work with, have, as much as possible, a natural origin, like wood, clay, stones and bamboo. Over the last years the search for natural honest materials has lead them into the field of research and even farming. If they, as architects, want to design buildings that are climate friendly, the materials, that they use, must have a positive impact on their environment of their own.


You could compare their approach with a top-chef of a fine restaurant that grows his/her own fresh biological herbs and vegetables. By growing their own bamboo and process them following international high standards into reliable building materials they ensure their clients of a building that is built with high quality locally grown natural materials that have a positive impact on its environment.


Over the past few years bkvv architects has been executing several (award winning) projects in The Netherlands, Uganda, and more. In these projects collaborations were built with (local) designers, engineers, contractors, clients, governments, and people from many other disciplines. We have shared our holistic view on building climate friendly with locally grown natural materials and created an expanding community with a similar green goal.


A selection of projects includes:

  • Sustainable University Campus Mouila Gabon in collaboration with Maïssa architectures (for Ministry of Education);
  • Sustainable low to middle income housing in South Africa and Nigeria (winner PWC Social Impact Lab Award 2016);
  • High end private estate built for future generations on the border of the Netherlands;
  • Sustainable CO2 neutral Bridge Control Centre (for the province of South-Holland);
  • Extension City Hall of Kampala, Uganda, i.c.w. Oubuntu (for Kampala Capital City Authority);
  • Renovations and expansions to Sustainable Self-sufficient campuses National Teachers Colleges (NTC) Mubende and Kaliro Uganda i.c.w. Oubuntu (for BTC/ Ministry of Education and Sport, winner Architizer A+ Architecture For Good Award 2022).
  • Sustainable office complex with largest bamboo facade in the Netherlands (for HM2 Property Developers/ Otherside at Work).